Christian Winther Christensen

Christian Winther Christensen (b. 1977) studied composition at the Royal Danish Academy of Music with Bent Sørensen, Niels Rosing-Schow, Hans Abrahamsen and Hans Peter Stubbe Teglbjærg and, at Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris with Frédéric Durieux. Christian Winther Christensen uses physical and visual playing techniques that borderline to noise – often with the intention of activating other materials using electronics, which are, for example, based on pre-recorded audio or video material. His music is a mixture of total music and conceptual ideas. The latter often contains exogenous elements or tonal references, which become alienated by using manipulations. Christian Winther Christensen is a member of the group Dygong. His music has been recorded with Ensemble Alternance, Silesian String Quartet, Interensemble and Ensemble Aleph and performed by various ensembles and orchestras such as London Sinfonietta (GB), Het Nieuw Ensemble (NL), Ensemble Alternance (F), Ensemble Aleph (F), Interensemble (I), Silesian String Quartet (PL), Ensemble Offspring (AUS), Ensemble Uusinta (FI) Ensemble Zagros (FI), Oslo Sinfonietta (N), Curious Chamber Players (S), Ensemble Blackhair (GB), Caput (IS), Athelas Ensemble (DK), Figura (DK), Esbjerg Ensemble (DK) and Zoom (DK) He has appeared on the programs of the Tage für Neue Musik 2010, the ISCM Festival Sydney 2010, Festival di Nuova Musica 2008, as well as the Nordic Music Days, the UNM festival, Spor and Music Harvest.